COVID-19 Challenges and recovery Programmes (2021 onwards)

Capacity Building and life skills

The clans and church mobilization process (CCMP) is a capacity building and life skills process which positively impacts people’s lives through acquisition of knowledge and skills with an overall purpose of empowering people to holistically transform their situation. CCMP is working with churches and various clans in Lango sub-region to implement a new programme following a prescribed design of locally initiated projects and evidence of transformation documented.

In response to COVID-19 pandemic and its disruptive effects, the programmes have been adapted to address the immediate effects of COVID-19 and at the same time proceed with implementation within the safety guidelines from the Ministry of Health and lockdown. A ‘Do-No-Harm’ approach is being used to deliver programmes to beneficiaries and other stakeholders as summed up:

  • Adopting a youth-led model for landscape management combining forest and biodiversity protection with agricultural and agro-forestry development in Lango sub region (i.e., planted 250 Mvule trees in Akalo Sub-County and Kole districts).

  • Life-skill training of 25 youths in constructing efficient institutional stoves as an income generating activity.

  • Advocating for a better environment by promoting participatory sustainable forests restoration.

  • Reduction in early child marriages by encouraging retention of girls in education.

  • Reduction in sexually transmitted diseases.


1. Tree planting project

a) A tree nursery established in Ojwina Division, Lira Municipality.

b) 250 Mvule trees planted in Akalo Sub County, Kole district.

c) 100 avocado fruit trees planted in Akalo Sub County, Kole district.

Mvule tree plantation in Akalo sub county, Kole district (Yawodi, 2020 Report)

2. Youth Life skills/Enterprise training

3 youths trained in Lorena Stoves (i.e. environmentally/improved institutional stove) construction at Victoria School of Nursing and Midwifery. Yawodi aims to train 25 more youths in gaining life skills.

3. Community engagement for reduced teenage pregnancy and child marriages

Between March and December 2020, over 7,000 girls had conceived. Following that, the rate of domestic violence more than doubled in all the districts as a result of COVID-19 due. School closure for health safety and social distancing also disrupted the education system. An Advocacy programme was conducted to engage the community targeting reduced teenage pregnancy, child and forced marriages and SGBV among others.

Children, youth and adults during a focus group meeting in Lira City.


a) 2 radio talk shows conducted: 1 at radio Unity 97.7 FM, Lira

b) And at QFM 94.3 Lira.

This approach will continue as the safest and the most effective way to educate the community, to empower the most vulnerable youth and teenage girls.

Picture of YAWODI Executive Director and an invited guest during a talk show at QFM

Lango Community Trust recognizes that this is grim reality for the young girls in this region whose future continues to dim every passing day with COVID-19 challenges. For many, this means that they might never experience education again, might be forced to marry mature men as in many cases. Hence your donation towards this project will be vital to keep running radio programme, to change attitudes, to empower the vulnerable young people through education and to combat climatic disasters that affect food production by tree planting. For donation to education fund and COVID-19 recovery programme, please see the website button.

Our target is to raise £7,000 to continue to run radio programme and to top up education fund for 30 beneficiaries to resume in 2022. Please support and give a better future to the most vulnerable youthful age group.