Appeal for Education and youth project fund


1 in 3 teenage girls in Lango Sub-region, in Uganda end up with early teenage pregnancy, and forced marriages due to financial hardship or extreme poverty background of earning less £1per day income. Lango Community Trust recognizes that there is grim reality for the young girls and the youth in Lango Sub-region whose future continues to dim every passing day with challenges (YAWODI Report, 2022).  Coupled with this, are other climatic challenges that farming activities have encountered.  Our target is to raise £7,000 to top up education fund for 30 beneficiaries.  PLEASE SUPPORT by donating via the WEBSITE BUTTON in order to:

To raise education fund for a total of 30 vulnerable teenage girls, orphans and school-age (i.e. 13- 20 year olds) to catch up with their studies starting from secondary to university levels.

LCT and its partners Kwania Education Organisation Centre and YAWODI have devised scholarships and bursaries scheme to increase education opportunities to vulnerable teenage girls, boys, and orphans to encourage retention, and progression to attain qualification.  It’s also seeking fund for the youth programme as summed below: