Appeal for COVID-19 Catch-Up project – Lango Sub-region

1 in 3 teenage girls in Lango Sub-region, in Uganda end up with early teenage pregnancy, forced marriages due to financial hardship. This has been exacerbated by COVID-19 pandemic challenges. Between March and December 2020, over 7,000 school-age girls who have remained at home for over 1 and half years due to lockdown safety measures had conceived (YAWODI Report, 2020). Lango Community Trust recognizes that there is grim reality for the young girls in Lango Sub-region whose future continues to dim every passing day with COVID-19 challenges. Coupled with this, are other challenges that farming activities have encountered. Our target is to raise £7,000 to top up education fund for 30 beneficiaries who will resume in 2022.

Please support by donating in order to:

raise education funds for a total of 30 vulnerable teenage girls, orphans and school-age (i.e. 13-20 year olds) to catch up with their studies starting from Secondary to University levels.