Capacity building of Civil Society Organisations in Lango

Summary of Reports on Capacity building of Civil Society Organisations in Lango and Actions plans for Lango Sub-region

LCT has been having consultations with local leaders and CSOs for the past year to map out the needs of communities and the capacity of CSOs to meet those needs from December 2003 up until April 2004. The results of the consultation helped us to identify the best ways to work with local partners.

LCT carried out an assessment of the capacity of Civil Society Organisations (CSO) in Lira, Uganda to effectively serve the needs of their beneficiaries and to work in partnership with UK based charities. Eight CSOs worked in partnership with LCT to follow up the report.

The main findings were:

    • that the CSOs need support in developing the knowledge, skills (human capital) and work practices of the people who work in them.
    • that there is no second-tier infrastructure organisation in Lira to support the CSOs and that the District Administration does not have the experience and resources for the effective coordination of the work of CSOs.
    • to enable the poor identify and implement sustainable and home grown programmes for improving their livelihoods.
    • CSOs’ and LCT to draw up Action plans and project proposals.

To overcome this, the CSOs and the District Administration had requested LCT’s assistance to set up and implement a capacity building project from an office in Lira. LCT facilitated a workshop attended by representatives of 30 CSOs from which completed questionnaires were received and by local government officials. Follow-up group meetings were held with representatives of CSOs that expressed interest. Also separate meetings were held with District Administration officials and cultural leaders.

  • LCT has used the information gathered from the questionnaires, the workshop and group discussions and consultations with District Administration representatives. This was followed by telephone discussions to identify the following issues:
  • The major cause of the increase in poverty and suffering in northern Uganda and Lira district and Lango Sub-region.
  • Based on LCT’s position that the practical needs of poor people can best be addressed through building the capacity of CSOs and the District Administration.
  • To focus on the needs of more vulnerable groups such as children, women and the elderly through targeted intervention (including advocacy complimentary services and partnership with other organisations) aimed at meeting the needs of such groups.
  • To establish the foundations for longer –term capacity development support of the CSOs in Lira and subsequently Lango Sub-region to enable them take greater control over their own development and to meeting the practical needs of their beneficiaries.

In 2012, Lango Development conference was held to draw up a development agenda for the youth and all vulnerable groups in the Sub-region, which includes the need to maintain scholarship fund for orphans and vulnerable girls in the Sub-region.