Lango Community Trust

Lango Community Trust (LCT) is a UK based charity which involves the Lango community in the UK in supporting poor and disadvantaged people in northern Uganda. It believes that sharing of skills and resources and the identification of local solutions are key to improved and sustainable livelihoods.


Lango Community Trust provides education, vocational training and support to people living in developing countries, in particular but not exclusively the people living in Lango sub-region in northern Uganda by the provision of education, vocational training and support as means of relieving their poverty.

The key purposes are:

  • Education and vocational training;
  • To provide poverty relief due to climatic problems and displaced persons.
  • To empower the poorest groups of people based in Lango sub region so far where it operates by developing partnerships with groups like heads of families and working with other civil society organizations.
  • To provide advocacy and to raise awareness of extreme poverty through research and capacity building.
  • To conduct research and to disseminate information to the general public and other development organisations so that people can learn from good outcomes and to promote collaboration in order to reduce chronic poverty across the world.
  • To encourage economic and community development.
  • To support the general public.
  • To empower volunteers.

LCT Partners:

  • Kwania Orphans Education Centre (KOEC) NGO, Kwania & Maruji Districts
  • YAWODI - Youth Development Project, Lira District
  • GWAKABBO NGO, Dokolo District
  • Ngetta Orphanage, Lira District


London members meet every month on a Saturday afternoon from 3pm onwards to raise funds, to discuss planning and project work as well as disseminate information on what is happening in the field in Lango Sub-region, Uganda.

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