The Board of Trustees is legally accountable for all the activities that LCT undertakes. They are all volunteers who are responsible for ensuring that LCT abides by its charitable objectives and works within the law. The Trustees also ensure that LCT delivers its mission effectively and that its work is monitored and evaluated effectively. Find out more about the Board of Trustees.

Anne Okello (Chair)

Anne holds MSc in UK Voluntary Organizations & Community Studies, and is a development specialist for Sub-Saharan African countries, the disadvantaged and where poverty is extreme. She is one of the five co-founders of LCT and has over twenty-five years experience of trusteeship. She mentors new UK trustees, using international approach to development since 2012.

Sam Karuhanga (Treasurer)

Sam is an accountant and one of the five co-founders with over twenty-five year’s experience of trusteeship. He has track records in Capacity Building and in empowering volunteers. In the past, he served as the Director of Finance at Refugee Arrivals Project and the Director of Finance & Core Services at the Disability Alliance Educational and Research Association from 1999 to 2005. Before that he was the Director of Lewisham Volunteer Bureau from March 1996 to January 1999.

Mildred R Ogwal (Secretary)

Originally from Uganda, Mildred has over fifteen years of trusteeship, been a director for women’s development organisation and has played a part as a Lango development networker and has been instrumental in supporting LCT since its formation in 2003. She holds MScs degrees in Education as well as Environmental Science. She specialised in working with students for whom English is an additional language and students with Special Educational Needs.

Moses Lenga (Deputy Treasurer)

Moses an accountant or specialist in finance, managing risks and has over 10 years of work experience and of managing charity and public finances. He is passionate about the great work LCT is doing to help vulnerable children attain education and live sustainable future life.

Grace Atim (Assistant Secretary)

Originally from Uganda, Grace has over five years of experience as a trustee and forms part of development networkers. She holds a Diploma in Health and Social Care and is very passionate about seeing the disadvantaged being empowered to become independent for a better livelihood.

Deborah Okello (IT Adviser)

Deborah is a trustee with 3 years experience in charity work. She is passionate, encourages IT and the digital approach to sustain community development.