Our Mission & Values


LCT recognises that human capital (the sum of knowledge, skills and physical well being) is the most crucial factor of sustainable rural poverty reduction.

Its mission is to facilitate the gathering, customisation and utilisation of resources, knowledge and skills towards the achievement of better, appropriate and sustainable living standards in the communities that are vulnerable to suffer from the effects of poverty, displacement, disease and discrimination

To achieve this mission, LCT

  • gathers and disseminates information to improve the knowledge and skills of vulnerable communities
  • supports target communities in holistic approaches to addressing the issues that affect them
  • works through local/traditional institutions to achieve change
  • raises funds from a variety of sources for the purposes outlined above

Indigenous communities have survived through many generations, coping with demographic, ecological, epidemiological, political, economic, and environmental changes. LCT recognises that local knowledge and skills, resourcefulness, resilience and determination are the attributes that have sustained indigenous communities.

LCT believes that sustainable development is possible if local communities are supported in making choices, with long term planning and communal participation and to realise equitable distribution of the benefits of development interventions.

LCT believes in cross-cultural learning and sees its role as facilitating learning between communities and other cultures in different parts of the world.

The values that direct its work with target communities are:


Respect and a determination to work according to the contexts determined by the traditions, cultures, skills, dignity, ambitions and struggles of indigenous communities.


Encourage and support the participation of all stakeholders in addressing development needs.


To give voice, access, empowerment to all sections of target communities, focusing particularly on those that are likely to face discrimination.


To target communities, donors, partners, staff